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Labrador Pattern

This pattern of a labrador will give you an opportunity to experiment with burning fur textures. Start by burning a rough outline around the dog’s body and then burn the background on quite a high setting, make it dark so that your dog with stand out giving it a feeling of depth. this will then help you to determine the darkness of your dog.

Remember, you can always practice first on a scrap piece of wood to get your temperature settings correct! Take a look at my finished pyrograph as a guideline to your own shading and textures. Have fun!

This pattern is 19.14cm x 16.81cm in size and is available for £3.00. On the completion of your purchase using Paypal, I will send you the link where you may download the pattern and also a copy of the finished pyrograph for your reference.

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2 Responses to “Labrador Pattern”

  1. Roberto Vagnier Says:

    I’ve become an avid fan of this website for some time but not really given anything at all back, I am hoping to alter that in the future with increased chat.Thanks for another new addition towards the web site.

  2. admin Says:

    Many thanks Roberto!

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