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Nader Kohbodi

Nader is a British artist based in the beautiful Snowdonia region of North Wales, in the UK.
Nader has always had a passion for creative and artistic pursuits from a very young age and is accomplished in a range of artistic media from traditional methods such as pencil drawing and painting to modern methods such as computer animation and digital painting.

Nader completed his degree in computer animation at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) in Bournemouth, before deciding to spend some time travelling. Starting with an extensive trip around Europe, Nader went on to visit 4 continents and over 25 countries.

After returning from his travels, Nader regained his passion for more traditional artforms, such as Pyrography.
Whilst also having experince in areas of expertise such as Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design, Nader considers Pyrography his medium of choice, which he excels in most. With that he hopes to develop his career as an artist in the medium of Pyrography, and whilst doing so bring attention to Pyrography as a recognised artform.


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