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Whimsical Wood by David Stanley

I’ve just come across a wonderful pyrographic artist, David Stanley. His work is so intricate and beautiful!

About David
David lives at Penrith, in New South Wales, Australia. He has worked as a draftsman, biological illustrator, primary teacher for 2 years, educational materials illustrator for 30 years and a children’s book illustrator.

I really like pyrography as a drawing medium, I like the kind of line that can be produced, the subtle tones that can be made in association with those lines and most of all the rich browns that emanate from the wood, plus the fact that the finished work is a wooden object at the end. – David Stanley

Visit David’s Sites

Featured Pic: ‘The Hoard’ – pyrography on hoop Pine Ply Panel with Merbau Frame. 380mmX250mm

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Chickadee Burn – by Angie Rea

It’s late Autumn and the leaves have long since fallen. There is a man sitting high in a tree – waiting. He’s been waiting since before the dawn, with bow and arrow in hand. He is a witness to many things, none of which I know, save for just one: A small, flighty and friendly black capped chickadee appears and quickly, gently, moves from branch to branch, and finally – so very softly – lands on the man’s quiver… just like a little, “Hello”. The chickadee leaves the quiver for another branch, then returns to the quiver and stays for a long while, tilting his head this way and that, just like a chickadee will do. This visit is a wonderful surprise and is the biggest hunting story the man will tell that day.

This is a warm memory of a man I know, who retold this story many times. But I don’t know all of this memory. (Did he not tell it all? Or have I just forgotten?) Did his chickadee sit puffed up and cozy? I wonder, did he speak to his chickadee? And did it “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee!”? I wish I knew. I wish I could ask, but all I can do is wonder, because this memory belongs to my full of life brother-in-law who passed away far too soon.

My chickadee has just landed … or is ready to take flight. Like Tom’s memory, I don’t have all the facts. I created this piece in honor of a treasured memory. This here is… “Tom’s Chickadee”

Please take the time to visit Angie’s beautiful blog»

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