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General Pyro Tips

TAKING PHOTOS of pyrography can be frustrating because of flash glare kicking back off the irregular and shiny surfaces of the work. To help, tape a few layers of tissue paper over the flash to diffuse the light. Vaseline (petrolium jelly) can also be carefully smeared on the flash window.

A CLEAN NIB is ESSENTIAL for good burning. Skews and cutting pens should also be kept sharp. A build up of carbon and muck will hinder good heat transfer and smooth travel of your nib across the surface.
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Burning A Celtic Pattern

celticThis page contains patterns to use for celtic pyrography. I have included some examples of my pyrographs. Notice that if the pattern goes underneath it’s darker and if it goes over the top it’s lighter. The effect of an elaborate piece of knotwork on a piece of white sycamore is beautiful.

When first copying celtic patterns you may find that they are quite difficult to do, as sometimes you might miss an area so the pattern is lost or it is very complicated, meaning that you have to be really dedicated even to copy it never mind burn it!
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