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Selling Your Work

Finding Your Market
me1newNow that you have begun to create a range of pyrographed items, the next stage is to sell them. I began by giving them as gifts to my friends and family. This soon lead to orders for special occasions, I began to realise that there was a market for my art and started to explore way in which to sell them. The following section will help you prepare for your first show and also give you pointers to where you can sell your work.

Craft Fairs
A craft fair can vary in success, at my first show I came away with just £20 and terrible sunburn – not too successful! It takes time to learn which are the best and which to avoid, although this is never foolproof. Some shows can be very expensive and you have to sell a lot to cover your costs even before making a profit. I find that smaller events like village fairs and school fetes are the best. A stall may cost as little as £10 and they are usually fun to do! In the early days, I used to have a lot of large expensive items such as clocks and plaques. However, as time went on I began to realise that it was the smaller items that sold more often. A customer has to really like an item to part with their money, but most like to take away with them a small memento, such as bookmarks, name plates and keyrings. So always have these at hand.
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