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Otter By WyldeWood Pyrography

Nicola Wood, was born and bred in Chester, coming from a family of craft makers. Father being a wood carver/turner, grandfather a master carpenter, it seemed to be inevitable that she would in some way have a connection with wood. Little did she know that it would be in marrying into the name first. She has always loved animals and plants so her aim was to let her work and the beauty in the subject complement the natural beauty of the wood.

With my husband and family behind me being very patient at meal times when i’ve got carried away woodburning. I hope to provide one off pieces of hand made art work that will be enjoyed by the buyer

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Edison Filaro Billones

Hanna with Batman
20″x 30″ pyrography on beech plywood, based on a detective comics #820 cover by Simone Bianchi.

I’ve just come across an amazing pyrographic artist from the Philipines, Edison Filaro Billones. Edison told me that he uses a simple soldering iron to create his fantastically detailed work, he was also inspired by my website, Firestarter Pyrography. I am so impressed!

You can see some more of his pyrographic masterpieces over at DeviantArt. Please take the time to have a browse,

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