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Burn A Mushroom

For this lesson we will be using my mushroom pattern shown below, of course you can draw your own, it will help you with the shades and textures you have learned so far. Save the image to your desktop then print it off. You can either draw it onto your wood with a pencil, take care not to draw too hard so that you can’t erase the lines or dent the wood. Or trace it down using tracing paper or carbon free transfer paper. I use this method as you can reuse this paper time and time again. Don’t think of tracing as cheating! It is a very good way of planning your composition. Also if you wish to transfer the same pattern to similar items it is an effective way of doing so.
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Shading & Temperature Lesson

Preparing The Surface Of The Wood
sandpaper• Choose the piece of wood that you are going to use, I recommend sycamore or birch ply. Sycamore is light in colour and has a very small difference in hardness between the grains, so that you can get a smooth line. Birch ply is softer and cheaper which is good to use for our pyrography lessons.
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