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American Saddle Horse

I have often been asked, ‘how do you create a picture?’ So I have designed this page to illustrate how a pyrograph is completed from start to finish. Firstly, the image is transfered onto the wood, I like to include where the shadows and highlights will occur. This helps at a later stage when adding tones.
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Platypus Diving by Sue Walters

PlatypusDiary11) I thought I would take you on a visual tour of the making of a new piece called ‘Platypus Diving’.
As you can see, it’s a thumping nice piece of wood and a large project, so this diary will be quite lengthy.
I bought this slab of Grevillea robusta at the last Melbourne Wood Show. After setting up my booth, I will always take a walk around and buy up a few supplies for special projects. This slab of native Australian wood was 2 and a half times this length and cost me $30.
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